Meet The Glow Med Spa’s Board Certified Founder and Physician

Rahul Puri MD

Rahul Puri MD, MPH is triple board certified in Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Emergency Medicine.  He is known for trying every device and product on himself or a staff member before recommending it to his patients. He believes in making subtle changes to your face and body combining and stacking multiple modalities to bring about a natural youthful transformation. 

Dr Puri completed his residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital and a Masters In Public Health from University of Massachusetts, after that he moved to Ventura California a beautiful Southern California town where he met his beautiful wife and now have two handsome boys Neil and Kush. A booming family oil business brought him to Texas to be close to his family in 2011, which he now considers as his home town. 

Dr Puri has great surgical skills, coupled with an eye for aesthetics. He trained under the expertise of world renowned Physician and “Founder of Aesthetic use of Botox” and established a Non Surgical Aesthetic Practice called The Glow Med Spa. 

Some of the procedures that Dr Puri specializes in are Botox, Lip Fillers, Kybella, Sculptra, Vampire Facials, O Shot, Laser Hair Removal and more 

Dr Puri is always available to answer any questions. His incredible team of a Registered Nurse and a Receptionist are available any time of day or night to talk to you or connect you to the doctor. After an extensive initial consultation he will develop a treatment plan for you and discuss the benefits and risks of all the procedures. This could include a single facial cosmetic procedure to a combination of treatments Including IV vitamins , diet, skin care products and healthy living. He will never advise a procedure if he feels that it will not benefit you. Dr Puri thrives on his honest intentions and will never recommend to you unnecessary or harmful procedures.