The Glow Medspa offers the latest innovation to help build muscle and sculpt your body.

How Emsculpt Works

Emsculpt is a body contouring treatment that can reduce subcutaneous fat and increase muscle without any type of invasive procedure. Emsculpt uses a revolutionary high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology force a series of 20,000 supramaximal contractions in 30 minutes. These forced contractions do not allow a relaxation period and are more powerful than voluntary contractions that occur with exercise. As a result, fat is broken down and the muscles within are strengthened for a defined abdomen and firmer and rounder buttocks.

The Details

Muscle Mass Increase

An average muscle mass increase of 16%

HIFEM Procedure

Induces powerful muscle contractions unachievable through traditional workouts

Butt Lift

The worlds first non-invasive butt lift procedure

Multiple Applications

Emsculpt can be applied to legs, butt, abdominals!


“The ideal candidate is really anyone who’s looking to get stronger muscles and a stronger core, who wants to be tighter and burn fat,” says San Diego dermatologic surgeon Eugene Nowak.

A 4-round series of treatments is recommended for optimal results. Those with lower body fat see improvements after their first session. Final results may take a bit longer in high-fat areas of the body.

During the 30 minute session, the treatment paddles will be applied to the area of interest. The contractions will cycle through different phases. Some will be rapid and light, and some will be slower and more powerful. The Emsculpt machine will contract your muscles hundreds or thousands of times, in just a few seconds. During the last phase of treatment, the muscle contractions will be slow but powerful, to flush out any toxins or lactic acid released during the procedure and help reduce soreness.