BTL Cellutone

The #1 Way To Eliminate Cellulite

Cellutone by BTL

BTL Cellutone™ uses powerful vibrations that are specifically targeted on cellulite areas. The mechanical vibrations enhance the microcirculation and oxygen supply in the treated area leading to increased blood supply and removal of excess fluid. In essence, BTL Cellutone™ aids in the elimination of the factors that cause cellulite to form in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most individuals with unwanted cellulite or fat are reasonable candidates for treatment with Cellutone. It is an extremely well-tolerated procedure best used in conjunction with other skin tightening or cellulite-targeting treatments. Patients with good skin tone and mild bloating in the midsection or abdominal area may benefit from Cellutone treatment alone, as may some patients with fine textural irregularities of the buttocks and thighs categorized as mild cellulite. Proper medical evaluation and patient counseling is important to identify individuals best-suited for Cellutone treatment and to create meaningful treatment success.

The Cellutone treatment is brief, usually taking about 7-10 minutes per treatment area. It is not painful. There is a vibration-like sensation during treatment and an audible skin “pattering”-like sound during treatment.

Cellutone results if used alone require periodic maintenance to help improve circulation, lymphatic flow, and tissue manipulation in the area of cellulite. If used in conjunction with a body contouring procedure like Vanquish, results should be long-lasting so long as there are not major weight fluctuations or changes in diet or exercise patterns.